UTAH COUNTY, UTAH – (Good Things Utah) Utah Premier Events hosted adult Prom, a romantic, elegant and classy event. Courtney Gutierrez and Ryan Lee spoke about the amazing events going on. 

Utah Premier Events aims to spice up date night, ditching the boring same-old activities.

The Grateful Gala will be held on Saturday November 12. The event will feature a DJ, food, photobooths, cocktails and performers. The idea of these events is to stir things up and keep them exciting in your dating life, whether you’re just meeting or you’ve been together for years. It’s important to not get stuck in a routine in your dating life. 

Currently, events are being held in Utah County. Soon, however, they will be moving to Salt Lake County. 

The response, Gutierrez and Lee said, has been incredible. People have loved the atmosphere of these dates and are eager to attend. You don’t want to miss out!

Upcoming events include the Grateful Gala, a New Year event and even something special for Valentine’s Day. Stay up to date on the latest on their Instagram. 

Instagram: @utah_premier_events

Website: https://mailchi.mp/774bf775afa6/instagram