Our friends at San Diablo Churros dropped off the most delicious surprises this morning! Their “quarantine survival kit” turns stay at home into party at home! Full of snacks and activities, they’ve partnered with Sobe Eats, and Thirst Happy Drinks and Treats. Order for two, four, six, or eight people. Each kit includes: Sobe Eats tostadas, a San Diablo six pack of churros, a 32 oz Thirst drink per person, and the hysterical Reverse Charades game!

Available for pre-order pick up or delivery, check out their instagram for more at: https://www.instagram.com/sandiablochurros/ or visit online at SanDiabloChurros.com.

Keep San Diablo Churros in mind when life resumes as well. They’re a hit at weddings, parties, and other big events!