Utah is the hub for social media content creators/influencers and yet, there are zero events focused on that industry, until now! Emily Weston, founder of Social Icon joined hour two of GTU to share how this event is geared to help and inspire others in the digital content world.

Social Icon is putting on the first ever industry event of its kind, for social media influencers and content creators. The event is an educational conference where social media creators can learn from and connect directly with experts in the industry. Social Icon has specifically focused on lifestyle/family/beauty and creative content influencers as their speakers.

Social Icons key speakers are very well known across social media channels with online reach to millions of followers. Based on current registrations, Social Icon anticipates most of the conference attendees to be micro-influencers with average followings of 10,000+ on their social media platforms.  

The event will be April 23-30th at Eccles, and tickets are still available! If you would like a list of all keynote speakers (and their bios) as well as other info about the conference, check out their website for more information!  

Website: socialicon.com 

Instagram: @_socialicon