Round two of organizing Nicea’s closet

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Clothes can become overwhelming, learn how these organizing tips can revamp your entire closet! Our fashion expert Preston Tait is back in Nicea’s closet for more spring cleaning!

Preston reminds us that, “we have to make a giant mess before we can make it pretty again.”

To make things pretty again, Preston suggests hanging your clothes in a specific way to make sense and flow. The way we hang our clothes is through the sleeve length and in each of those categories they will be colorized, and always button up your tops to keep them from falling off the hanger.

The reason why t-shirts don’t get worn as often is that they usually get folded and shoved away on a shelf. Preston advises against doing this and instead hang your t-shirts, that way you can go through your shirts smoothly.

When organizing your jeans, you should hang the pants with the outside facing out. This method helps you identify each jean. Lastly, Preston suggests organizing cardigans and light sweaters together because they are meant for layering. 

Be sure to watch the video for more of Preston’s tips and follow him on Instagram: @preston_tait .

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