The studio turned into a roller-skating rink for our segment earlier today as we welcomed Cheryl Hunt, a
competitive skater and instructor.

Hunt’s style of skating is called jam skating which includes many of the moves found in ice skating and is
notable in the way that it incorporates the arms and upper body to mimic ballet and other styles of
dance. She said that she first noticed skating was making a comeback online during the start of the
COVID-19 pandemic when people were finding creative ways to get out of the house. Since then, skating
has become more and more popular. Many of those attending Hunt’s studio are women, she says, who
used to skate as children and are wanting to reconnect with the joy that it brought them in their

Hunt’s biggest tips for skating include putting your weight forward in your skates and dropping your
shoulders to keep your balance. To prevent yourself from falling if you lose your balance, she said
dropping your weight and crouching down can help.

You can find Hunt at the Utah Arts Hub on Wednesdays from 7-8 and Good Things Utah viewers can
receive $5 dollars off a group lesson. You can also connect with her on Instagram and Facebook under
the username @letsrollerskatenow or at her website