The east meets the west in a big celebration! May 10th, 2019 marks 150 years since the legendary Golden Spike was hammered into the ground right here in Utah. The event marked the completion of the first transcontinental railroad.

A new movie follows the dramatic story of a family discovering the mystery of the chinese workers that helped so much.

On GTU, we were joined with the lead actress Kiara Finn and Director/actor Brian Finn about “Resilience and the Last Spike.”

Here is a brief description of the movie:
11-year-old adventurer Resilience “Rizzy” O’Neil and her family are camping and exploring the remote Utah desert. While Rizzy is trying to discover for herself the mystery of the lost Chinese workers, she is violently separated from her family, and must now face the wild expanse of the desert in order to find help. She faces intense heat, thirst, hunger, treacherous terrain, deadly creatures, turbulent weather, all in a land designed to crush the living. Rizzy must call on all her wits, strength, skill, and faith to beat the clock and save her family, and just maybe, a piece of history too

“Resilience and the Last Spike” officially opens May 10th in Megaplex theaters. For more information visit their imdb page or