Puberty: What parents need to know

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Puberty can be a frightening time for both parents and children. Luckily, Jessie Shepherd came by today to walk us through what we can expect and how we can help our children navigate this confusing time.

Shepherd shared that it is completely normal for children to find new friend groups during this time. They are trying to establish their identity and better understand themselves. They will also have difficulty expressing themselves and the concerns that they have.

How can parents help their kids going through these changes?

Shepherd recommends that parents talk with their children… a lot. These conversations should happen early on in the relationship, perhaps around five or six. This will help establish early that the children can come and talk to the parents when they are struggling. Parents should also encourage physical activity and hobbies. This will help with self-esteem and self-worth as they go through this challenging time.

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