PROVO, Utah (Good Things Utah) – A new year, brings an unexpected challenge for a Utah County based charter school – Treeside Charter School in Provo. A holiday flood resulted in $400,000 worth of damage to school property, and to make things worse, only $50,000 of the damage, is covered by the school’s insurance. But Treeside is pushing on.

But the school needs some help repairing the damage. More than 15 classrooms were damaged. The school’s community is managing to keep school in session – conducting classes in the gym, cafeteria and combining some classrooms into a single room. School organizers say they are determined to make it work, but could use some help.

The school’s mission is to deliver a whole-child, education for students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Treeside Charter School students receive an academic experience delivered through art, music, movement, nature, and service. 

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