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Father’s Day is coming up and the stress of finding something meaningful and fun for dad can be a little stressful. Devoted Dads gave us three ideas that your dad is sure to love!

1. Sign up for a the Daily Do-Dad. Every day, dad will  receive a text with a simple idea of an activity that he can do with his kids. When dad gets a gentle nudge or reminder to be present with his kids, relationships change quickly. 

 2. Get him a membership to With a membership, dad gets access to over 80 high quality projects that he can do with his kids. From building a marshmallow gun to a paper rocket, these projects come with detailed instructions and videos that provide hours and hours of fun for dads to do with their kids.

3. Create a monthly “Dadknapping” schedule for the summer! Plan and schedule days when the family kidnaps dad from work and takes a picnic to the park. They will be fun and inexpensive memories that dad will cherish. This gift gives dad something to look forward to all summer long without breaking the bank. 

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