Cancer survivors Carli Williams and Delia Chatwin join the show to share their stories. 

Williams reports seeing Chatwin’s cancer story on social media. After seeing this, Williams decided that she should go to her gynecologist and insist on a mammogram. Chatwin’s story ended up saving William’s life, as when she went in and got an examination for a lump that had been discovered, she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. It had metastasized to her lymph nodes. Both Williams and Chatwin had no symptoms of cancer, and were healthy, young women. Still, they got cancer. 

Williams and Chatwin encouraged young women to get mammograms while they are young and not wait until they are 40. They encourage people to advocate for their own health, especially since cancer is showing up more often in younger women. The two survivors have helped over ten people get diagnosed simply by sharing their stories with the world. 


Instagram: @deliachatwin and @fierce.carli