Prepping your high school student for college

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Garret DeGering academic administer, and Nicea’s brother, spoke on the topic of AP classes and why it is important that your student take them. 

Taking AP classes is taking the next level up in high school and a step closer to your future. AP classes are college level classes, so students will be recieving college course credit. Students that pass these classes will be set up for more success in college and better prepared. 

Even though your student may be in high school, taking AP classes can give them college credit at the same time.  But remember, if they fail the course it will show up on their college transcipt. So if your student isn’t up for the task of an AP class, it might not be the best fit. 

If you are unsure if your student can or wants to enroll in these AP classes, talk to your students counsler. These AP credits are tranferrable in any college in Utah for college credit. 

Have your student get a head start in life, find out what will work for them and take that extra step for a better future! 

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