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Now is the time to get outside and enjoy everything our mountains have to offer! Though before you take off on a spontaneous hike, you will want to consider a few helpful tips that Adam Provance from Your Hike Guide has provided: 

  1. Research where you’re going
    • Know what you’re getting yourself into
  2. Check the weather conditions
  3. Be familiar with any challenges the hike may present
    • Water, scrambling, no shade, steep climbs, etc.
  4. Know how the long the hike is.
    • Is it 30 minutes or two days?
  5. Is it suitable for everyone who is going? 

Adam explained that one of the most important things to take into account is having the proper gear. This includes everything from your clothing and shoes to sunscreen and first aid kits. 

He mentioned it is extremely wise to tell multiple people where you are going and to bring plenty of water to prevent dehydration, and easy to carry snacks like granola bars and beef jerky.

The last tip Adam told us was to have small children use the buddy system and give them a whistle to use only in an emergency.

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