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With all of the myths floating around these days getting plastic surgery might seem like a scary choice! We’ve got cosmetic surgery expert Dr. Dunkley here to tell you about all the myths surrounding the most popular procedures!

When do I need a breast lift? What is the difference between deflation and droop?
The breasts can undergo a lot of changes with time and pregnancy. However, just because you get pregnant doesn’t mean you will need a lift. There is a difference between deflation and droop. If the breasts have simply deflated, then you can have a breast augmentation and fill the existing skin envelope. The shape is typically much better than the natural breast since implants fill the upper breast, the most difficult place to maintain fullness naturally. If the breasts rest on the chest below the crease, you are more likely to need a lift. The definitive test is whether or not the nipple is below the crease under the breast. If the nipple is below the crease, you need a lift.

How can I stop the aging process?
The biggest complaints are age spots and fine lines / wrinkles. Age spots, also known as liver spots (confusing since they have nothing to do with the liver) are a result of sun exposure. The skin protects itself by going dark when exposed to the sun. The accumulative assault on the skin begins to show up later in life as permanent dark areas. These can be treated, however, a continual treatment needs to be undertaken or they will simply re-occur with more sun exposure. Most treatments involve improving the health of the skin and removing the outer layers. Imagine a coffee spill on a notebook. The deeper you go below the top layer, the lighter the stain gets. Treatments include chemical peels, derm-abrasion or lasers designed to remove the outer layers of the skin. Coupled with sunscreen use, tretinoin (Retin-A) and Hydroquinone, age spots can be held at bay.

Does fat come back? Is liposuction permanent or temporary?
After puberty, we have all the fat cells we are going to have. Weight gain and loss occur by making the existing fat cells larger and smaller. When fat cells have been removed from an area, there are simply fewer places to put fat. If liposuction is done on the abdomen and only 50% of the fat cells remain, you have half as many storage containers. Hence the changes made with liposuction are typically permanent. However, since I cant remove ALL the fat cells, you can still gain weight. Don’t gain weight!

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