Picture perfect: how you can identify a person’s temperament through a photo

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Have you ever looked at your child, or your sibling or someone’s child and thought, “where in the world did you come from?” You think this because they’re nothing like their parents or siblings. Julie Yearsley from My Social Core sparked this thought and gave us an easy answer. It is because they may have taken on traits from their grandparents!

She shared that there are basic temperaments that make up the world. “Each person, generally, has a primary (dominant) one and a strong secondary, but we all have each of them in us. These temperaments can be identified by our bone structure which is inherited through our genes.” To prove this theory, Nicea sent Julie several pictures of each member of her family tree, going back to her parents. Julie examined the characteristics in each photo, and what she found was fascinating! 

Watch the video to learn all about it and read about the four temperaments below:

1. Host

  • The host’s central focus is to reach out to everyone. You are excited to plan an event that everyone will come to and have a fun time. The host is a friendly, witty, charming and talkative person.
  • The shapes that relate to the host personality are circular motion and rounded shapes. This also includes heart shapes as they are rounded on the top. You also like repeated patterns.

2. Teacher

  • The teacher’s central focus is the process of gathering the details and then watching their plan play out. You are sensitive, gentle, caring, and loyal. You have little desire for competition or control. You excel at one-on-one connections.
  • The shapes that relate to the teacher are relaxed curves. You are blended and soft. You are often referred to as, “beautiful”. Your skin is soft, supple and free of wrinkles and lines. Your face shape is oval. From your cheekbone to jaw line is a relaxed curve. Your eyes are almond shaped and dreamy. Your lips are elongated and look refined. You have length to your nose, but it is refined. Your hands also have length and your long fingers taper toward the nail.

3. Captain

  • The captain’s central focus is, “ready, set, go”. You are energetic, dynamic, competent, and confident.
  • The shapes associated with the captain are irregular angles and asymmetrical patterns. You are earthy, textured, and have a look of strength. You are often referred to as, “exotic”. Your skin is textured with irregular pigments and prone to deeper lines. Your face is triangular, square or has an angular jaw with chiseled edges. You have high chiseled cheekbones. You have an angle on the inside corner of your eye. Your lips are angular and often have points on the bow. Your nose is angular and predominant. Your nostrils have points. Your hands are matured with rough textured skin.

4. Engineer

  • The engineer’s central focus is to seek perfection in themselves and everyone around them. You value traditions and established ways of doing things.
  • The shape associated with the engineer is classic straight lines and ovals. You like symmetrical patterns. You look stunning, sculpted and symmetrical. You are often called, “striking”. Your skin is clear and porcelain-like with small pores. Your face shape is oval or rectangular. You have high oval-shaped cheek bones. Your eyes are oval and symmetrical. Your lips are smooth, full, and symmetrical. You have two straight lines on the side of your nose with oval nostrils. Your hands have smooth porcelain skin. Your fingers are parallel all the way to the tip with no tapering.

Visit MySocialCore.com for more information.

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