Parenting tips for helping kids adapt to change, transition

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Local mom of five shares her experiences and lessons learned

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Kids are pretty resilient, but even the best balanced child can have trouble adjusting and getting used to change. Local mommy blogger, Sarah Clark shares some of her personal best-practices for helping her family and children cope with change and major transitions, like a big move.

Sarah’s family recently moved from Texas back to Utah and it was a year of CHANGES! They had none of their “stuff,” since it was in storage in Texas, and they moved to a hotel, then to an RV, then to an apartment, and then finally into our house! It was a year of uncertainty as they were remodeling a farmhouse, but Sarah says it was a year of bonding and FUN!

Here are some things Sarah and her family learned from their experience:

  • Keep SOME things consistent (bible study, prayer, meals, weekly traditions, birthdays, etc.)
  • Have the mindset that change is good for them!!! It helps childrenbe adaptable and creative!
  • Keep positive language. “This is such an adventure!” I think the way the parent sees and talks about the situation sets the tone!

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