Organic gourmet cookie dough shop now open in Ogden

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Sisters Amber Malcolm and Faith Joy are the owners of Ookie Love, a gourmet cookie dough shop in Ogden, Utah.

Ookie Love uses organic and mostly non-gluten ingredients. With over 24 flavors, which are rotated out on a daily basis, plus special ‘flavor of the month’ flavors, there is never a lack of choice to satisfy a craving. Their dough is egg free, flour free, non-GMO and safe to eat raw.

Below are their most popular flavors, the one’s featured in today’s segment:

  • Star of the Show
    • Original chocolate chip cookie dough with chocolate and white chocolate chips
  • Love You S’more
    • S’mores you can eat with a spoon
  • Serendipity
    • Peanut butter with white chocolate chips
  • Pucker Up
    • Fresh lemons squeezed and zested with freeze-dried raspberries and white chocolate chips
  • Practically Perfect
    • Cheesecake chocolate chip
  • Coco Beach
    • Brownie with white chocolate chips
  • Nerdy Unicorn
    • Sugar cookie dough with organic rainbow sprinkles
  • Namaste
    • Vegan chocolate chip
  • Mighty
    • Sugar free chocolate protein dough

Join them on Monday’s from 5:00- 9:00pm for KaraOOkie Night. Ookie Love is located at 325 24th Street in Ogden. 

Visit for more information and find them on:

Instragram: @ookie_love
Facebook: @OOkieLove

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