New technology is connecting our ancestors to the world

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Have you ever questioned about your family’s history, where they came from, or who they were? John Poulson, founder of Turning Hearts, and CFO James Jensen are joining me live to share about their business that strives to connect our ancestors to the world using today’s technology.

Turning Hearts provides customers a Medallion with a QR code engraved on it intended to be placed on a headstone. When someone walks by the headstone, they can scan the medallion with their phone, and it will pull up a profile page that was created for that deceased person.

You will see pictures, videos, documents, journal entries, listen to audio, and be able to interact with the page. i.e., leave comments, like, and tag. All information has privacy settings, so personal things can be kept confidential or only viewable by family. The profile is dynamic, meaning it is intended to be added upon and constantly changing.

When John was staring at his great grandfather’s headstone, who he was named after, the idea came to him. He was 18, and he had no idea who he was or what he looked like. He wished at that moment that he had access to information about him. Over the next couple of years and a failure or two, they have got to this point, and they are very excited!

They’ve always firmly believed that this is the future of cemeteries and how we will view our ancestors. They feel like it is their calling in life, and they can’t deny it. It is a much more personal and exciting way to learn and benefit from those who have gone on. Billions of lives have been lived, each with unique stories and life lessons. Unfortunately, too many of these memories have passed away from those that hold them. Turning Hearts is a place where people can store these memories to be available to everyone forever. Turning Hearts brings back those that have gone on.

Examples of how the platform has been used:
The Father of 2 young girls knows he will not have much longer to live. He is updating his Turning Hearts profile. He is uploading videos of himself talking to his daughters about important events in their life such as graduation, marriage, and what to do when life gets hard. Now his daughters, who are too young to remember dad, will always get to see his face, hear his voice, and have somewhere to go to be with him. He has his medallion that he has asked his wife to place on his headstone.

Son created a Turning Hearts profile for his Father, who passed away. He asked his siblings to send over memories, pictures, videos of dad that they wanted on the profile. Each sibling wrote on his lifeline about what they loved about dad. The family all got together and placed the medallion on his headstone. It meant the world to them.

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