Need a new winter blanket? Try one of these

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(Good Things Utah) – When the weather cools down and the leaves are changing, we naturally start spending more time wrapped around fires and cuddled into warm blankets. For cold states like ours, warm blankets are a part of daily life. If you’re looking for a warm blanket to cuddle up on the couch with when the snow starts falling, make sure it’s one that features Minky fabric.

Minky is a special type of luxurious fabric that is 100% polyester and is often used to make baby blankets, baby clothing, and baby accessories. Minky fabric is like wool – but soft and thick. It’s our go-to fabric and also the primary fabric used by our favorite blanket supplier: Blankets by Brian.

Whether it’s a lap blanket or an oversized blanket, or even one that tucks away easily, Blankets by Brian’s blankets whisk you away into comfort and relaxation no matter your setting. The luxuriously soft blankets can be bought as a last-minute gift and still feel personal and thoughtful. They come in a variety of colors and are surprisingly indestructible. They will make a much-appreciated gift for anyone in your family or some of your closest friends.

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