Val Cameron joined the show to talk about this week’s movies coming out! With some spooky season themed films, any Halloween lover will adore. 


Rated R


Paramount Pictures.

Cameron describes how Horror Films are usually not her thing, however she has a love for thrillers. This movie happens to be a perfect combination of both. This psychological thriller “hits a nine from moment one of intense suspense,” Cameron said. The story mentions mental health, trayma, and dealing with emotion. Everyone can become passive aggressive which has dangers in itself, but what if it could kill us? Cameron said this is a good story with good pacing and an original take on a thriller.  

Solid B+

The Greatest Beer Run Ever

Rated R


Based on real events and a book by the same name

Apple TV+

Starring Zach Effron, Russll Crow and Bill Murray, this movie has some power players in the cast. According to Cameron’s experience, this experience was just fine. Cameron listened to the original book before watching the movie and couldn’t help but compare the two. The heart-felt moments the movie couldn’t always portray to Cameron’s liking.

Based on true events, the story follows Chickie, a young man from New York who takes his friends from the neighborhood and sail to the front line of the Vietnam War. With remarkable moments and unbelievable tales, important topics are covered in an entertaining and captivating manner. Cameron said that this movie seemed to be cut short, however, and wishes it could have been a series.

Grade C+

 Hocus Pocus 2

Rated PG



The infamous witches of Salem are back and ready to rock the world 29 years after their first performance. This time, the Sanderson Sisters have some teen witches to work with, along with some unsolved issues from the past. With fun musical numbers and a witchy attitude, this is the perfect family Halloween movie. 

Grade B


Rated R


Universal Pictures

This movie is RomCom hard to come by! Smart, witty and genuinely enjoyable RomComs don’t come around easily. This smart, hilarious, and overwhelmingly sincere movie takes into account the problems of modern dating! Two emotionally invaluable men attempting to get through life decide to get off the dating apps and be miserable together, but there’s a twist. The two end up falling in love! Cameron said that she saw some of herself in these characters and saw her friends in some of the friendships as well. Relatable and ridiculous are the perfect combination for a RomCom.

Grade A

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