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COO, Lauren Neeleman, joins Reagan to share about the app that’s changing the game when it comes to keeping up and staying in touch. There is a pressing need in our busy lives for a personal assistant, so to speak, to keep track of important dates, birthdays, meetings, etc. The Nouri Mobile App is here to solve all our problems and, most importantly, help us nurture the relationships that mean the most.

Neeleman explained how this works. The app compiles all your contacts from other contacts apps, social media, your email list, etc., and organizes them into Circles. These could include friends, family, co-workers, or clients to keep everyone organized. The Nouri profile allows users to create a nurture schedule for each of their contacts or Circles and never miss an opportunity to connect with their people again.

The app is free and available for both Apple and Android phones. If you’re looking to more efficiently keep track of important dates and nurture the relationships that are closest to you, download the app today! You can also find more information on what the app can offer you at their website!

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