NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah- (Good Things Utah) When bedtime comes around, the kiddos always seem to want to hear a good bedtime story before hitting the pillow. Sometimes parents do not have the most exciting stories and find it difficult to come up with something on the spot. Thankfully, Parenting expert and mother of four, Alisa Van Langeveld, Ph.D, shares the best tips to make story time simple and meaningful.

Children love hearing stories whether it be from a show, book, music or even just from their parents mouths. Van Langeveld advises to skip the big imagination, plot lines and character arcs. Just tell your littles your own life story. “Telling your stories to your children is really powerful,” said Van Langeveld. “When we tell children our stories and their stories, it builds sense of identity.” Van Langeveld suggests that it does not need to be long but it should be relatable to your child’s current state. She used the example of sharing about a story when she was a young child going to the dentist when her six year old daughter was afraid to go to the dentist. You can also describe one “scene” from your true story. Painting the scene will get your child asking questions. Making a routine of this is great and it does not just have to be before bed.

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