The journey to motherhood is different for everyone. Some people can’t wait to have kids and for others, the thought of becoming a mother can be frightening. Katie McMinn, author of Big Girl Decisions, joined us to share her journey to motherhood and why we should talk openly about miscarriage. 

After marrying her husband, McMinn said she wasn’t sure she wanted to be a mom. After years of living in fear and anxiety, she said something changed and she decided she was ready. Unfortunately, her first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. McMinn said she only told a handful of people about the miscarriage because it felt taboo to talk about. But, it happens more often than we think. According to the American Pregnancy Association, one in four pregnancies will end in miscarriage.

McMinn hopes that by sharing her story it helps other women who have experienced a miscarriage feel like they can open up and share their story too.

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