Local woman celebrates 100 years of life

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From traveling by horse and buggy to communicating through the telegraph, a lot has changed for Beth Packard Walker in her 100 years of life! 

Born on September 3, 1918 in Glenwood, Alberta Canada, she was the second of 17 children. In 1937, she married Wendell Holmes Walker and together they raised 13 children. All of their children went to BYU, and were taught to sing and play the piano by Beth. She herself is known as an accomplished vocalist, seamstress, wedding cake decorator, and has even taken to the computer like a pro.

Beth has enjoyed family history since a young age and was on the Boise Stake Genealogical board in her youth. She has been active in her faith and washing, cooking, and cleaning for 98 years, but currently she is having fun in an assisted living facility.

Beth has 83 grandkids, 357 great grandkids, and 32 great great grandkids! 

Her entire family and dozens of friends came together to celebrate her 100th birthday last Monday, September 3… there were 550 attendees total! 

For her party her family put together the “Greatest Show,” a family spin off of the “Greatest Showman.” Even though it was her birthday she had a gift for all of her family titled “The Price and My Black Boots.” She wanted it to be something her kids could always keep and cherish. She is hoping her book will inspire her children to find love and joy.

In the last 100 years she has seen a lot of changes and is grateful for the progression. From taking a horse and buggy to church to taking a jet to Rome. She says how medicine, operations, and transplants have saved her life. One of the biggest changes she talks about is our little hand held devices. She talks about how marvelous they can be, but also how they worry her with her kids talking on the device all the time and not to the family and friends right next to them.

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