Ryan Patano owner of Woodhouse Day Spa and Bailey Forbes demonstrated one of their most popular and relaxing facials today.  

The new holistic Minkyti Facial is Woodhouse Spa’s latest edition that provides customers with relaxation and skin rejuvenation. The facial uses multiple massage techniques to help bring blood to the surface of the skin. Using anti-aging, exfoliating, and hydrating formulas, the facial encompasses multiple aspects of skincare, Patano explained. 

Forbes gave extra tips to viewers for skin care, such as always wearing sunscreen regardless of the time of year. She recommends using a 30 SPF during the winter and a 50 SPF during the summer.  

Viewers can learn more about the Woodhouse Day Spa and the treatments they offer at holladay.woodhousespa.com or on Instagram at @woodhouseholladay 

The spa can be found at 4690 S Holladay Blvd