Pet grooming just got a whole lot easier! Joseph and Brooklin Lee, both Co-Founders of Olive Dog Salon joined GTU with special guest Cooper, to share tips on all things around the topic of pet grooming! Olive Dog Salon is located in Highland and offers a variety of services for pet grooming. 

The Lees’ wanted to create a salon where everyone feels safe and comfortable and a great experience for their clients, dogs, and owners. After every groom, all clients can pick out a free toy, grab a treat, and make a puppuccino for their dog which is fun for everyone! This makes dogs so excited to see their owners. Not only will the owners love the grooming job, but your dog will feel loved with toys, treats, and especially the puppuccino!

At Olive Dog Salon, all of their grooms are all-inclusive full services. Where other salons charge extra for better shampoo and conditioner, de-shedding/ fur treatment, nail grinding, gland expression, and more. All of their grooms come included! 

A full service is a bath w premium organic shampoo & conditioner, a detailed cut from head to paw, a de-shed/ fur treatment, nail trimming, ear cleaning, paw pad shave, facial massage, sanitary trim, anal gland expression, and a full brush out (for dogs with a double coat.) 

Olive Dog is a start to finish grooming salon, meaning no more waiting 4+ hours to groom your dog. The groomers only take 1 dog at a time and wash and bathe them, dry them with high-velocity dryers, and then groom. After the groomers are done, the dogs’ owner will receive a text 15 minutes prior so their dogs won’t be stuck in a kennel. 

Pricing is incredibly simple, unlike other salons. For any dogs under 30lbs, it’s $74.99. For dogs over 30lbs is $89.99. And for any dogs mixed with poodle, there is a $9.99 doodle fee.


Instagram: @olivedogsalons 

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