Finding yummy gluten-free treats has never been easier. Brennan Terry, Owner of NUM, joined hour one of GTU to share what NUM gourmet desserts offer. NUM is taking the guilt out of treating yourself. Whether you are gluten-free, diabetic, keto, macro counting, calorie counting, etc. NUM deserts fit into any program! 

Treats ranging from a variety of cookies, cookie bars, and brownies. Num Bakery has it all! To make the treats, Terry uses almond and coconut flour. NUM sugar-free treats are perfect for Diabetics, Pre Diabetics, or people who don’t like the side effects sugar can leave. 

With a storefront located in Logan, and shipping offered nationwide, everyone can get the chance to try a NUM treat. All NUM products are made in a gluten-free manufacturing kitchen and are shelf-stable. 

Use code “NUMLOVER” at checkout to get 15% OFF your first NUM order. 

Business Information 

Website: NUM Desserts

Instagram: @numgourmetdesserts

FaceBook: @numgourmetdesserts

TikTok: @numgourmetdesserts