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Life-hack queen Lindsey Nielson joined us on GTU to share her secrets for making home life easier.

Here are simple tricks from this savvy mom of four to help de-stress life:

Towel Trick: Everyone has a few spare hair elastics lying around! Lindsay went over how these can be used to keep hand towels secured and away from the floor.

Memory Hacks: Ever get home from the grocery store to realize you forgot the most important item you needed for that night’s dinner? Or ever forget where you placed something really important? Lindsay demonstrated some simple mind tricks to help with these common scenarios. 

Make-shift Shower Cap: Whether you can’t find your shower cap or you forgot to pack one on a trip, this nifty hack will come in handy. In a pinch, a grocery bag is the perfect solution! 

Church Basket: Lindsay explained how to prep a church basket from head-to-toe as soon as clothes are washed. 

For more life-saving tips, recipes and more, check out Lindsay’s Instagram @thelindsayreport


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