Learn the 4 myths of ‘marriaging’ and their truths

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Richard and Linda Eyre, authors The 8 Myths of Marriaging: Making Marriage a Verb and Replacing Myth with Truth talk with us about the myths of marriage and common misconceptions. 

  1. The Cone Myth
    • Myth: Measure relationship on how alike you are, how often you argue
    • Truth: The best marriages are between two strong individuals 
  2. The Communication Myth
    • Myth: Some things are better left unsaid 
    • Truth: Unexpressed feelings never die; they  just get buried and come out later
  3. The Test-drive Myth
    • Myth: It’s unwise to make a commitment before you’ve lived together long enough
    • Truth: Real security comes from promising & implementing TOTAL COMMITMENT
  4. The Equality Myth
    • Myth: Equality should be the goal of your relationship or marriage
    • Truth: It’s better to strive for synergistic “oneness”

The couple has written multiple books on parenting and family and have just released their first book on marriage. Learn from the experts on how to create a successfull and fullfilling marriage. The book goes over equality, harmony, commitment and so much more. 

You can purchase the book here and learn more at valuesparenting.com.

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