Keep your dog physically and mentally fit!

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Ryan Gwilliam, pet trainer from Train Walk Poop is here talking to us about how to keep your dog physically and mentally fit with fun and playful games! 

A good workout is not only physical but also mentally engaging. Ryan explained that playing tug of war with your dog will not make it more aggressive, as long as you both are playing and not getting upset, this will help your bond grow stronger! Ryan also suggests you can make the game more enagaging. For example, make your dog chase the rope when it slips from their mouth. Make sure to teach the drop command first and then you can add more like sit, stay, down etc.

Most obedient dogs are rewarded with the game fetch or tug! Just 15 minutes or less will keep your dog wanting more! 

Train Walk Poop is located at 3162 S 300 W in South Salt Lake. Call (801)613-1364 or visit for more information.

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