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Ditch the key, there’s a new lock in town! Our tech expert Christopher shows us the latest and greatest when it comes to protecting you belongings with a padlock. 

First we have the Benjilock that debuted on Shark Tank a few years ago that has dual access. It still comes with the standard key or a number combo but it also uses your fingerprint as well! Christopher explained the only two downfalls to this lock is it’s a bit bulkyand you need TSA approval if traveling with it. 

Second we have the Tapplock, it is water proof and uses Bluetooth! This durable lock has an app that you use with it as well to help scan in your finger print and other people’s print that you want to have access to as well. 

Each lock has its own unique factor and for a reasonable price. The Benjilock ranges from $55-70 and the Tapplock comes in at $100. 

For more savy tech tips you can visit Christopher’s Instagram: @techlifecoach.

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