It’s a dance fitness party with U-Jam

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Dance, shake and shed the pounds! It’s a dance fitness party with U-Jam!

Ashley Kozlowski stopped by the Good Things Utah studios to show Ali how to pull of this dance fitness craze!

“U-Jam is a athletic, fun, easy to follow dance fitness workout people should try out,” says Ashley. “U-Jam is all about Love, unity and acceptance of everyone. This class is for everyone! You don’t have to be a dancer.”

The class is apparently designed to be easy to follow with both verbal and non-verbal cues for the moves. Ali had a blast trying it out!

Ashley says they show different levels so class can be modified for those at a lower fitness level or that have injury’s etc. And that if people that really want to sweat can bump it up with level 2 options.

To find a U-Jam class by you visit 

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