How you can look ‘royal’ on a dime

GTU Featured Guest

The newest member of the royal family, Meghan Markle, is a fashion icon. If you want to follow Meghan’s fashion trends, Preston Tait, a thrifty stylist, shared tips for how you can look royal on a budget!

Meghan rocks a a French tuck into the high waisted jeans.

  • Buy good denim that is classic enough to last! Don’t spend a lot on destructed jeans!

Meghan wore a dress that costed $500 and Preston found a look alike for $59.90 at Nordstrom! 

  • Never buy the first dress that you see! Look around, you may find a better deal for a dress that is similar!

Megan wear a lot of trench style jackets, and they are big this year!

  • Keep it basic! Buy the classic style that has been the constant in fashion! Preston found a trench coat for $15 at a resale store! The style of the classic hasn’t changed much so you can find them everywhere.

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