How to up your gratitude game

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Melody Jensen shares five ways to be the happiest, most grateful person you know:

1) Flip on the Gratitude Switch!

When you flip on a light switch, the things you couldn’t see or couldn’t see well become visible.  It’s the same for the Gratitude Switch; mentally ‘flip’ it on and start noticing all the small and big things in your life to be grateful for that you didn’t notice, or weren’t visible before.  

2) Take 5 Deep Breaths!  

This works especially well when you’re feeling stressed, scared, upset, depressed….just PAUSE and tell yourself to take 5 very deep breaths and dedicate each breath to something different that you’re most grateful for in that moment. It’s a great time to PAUSE and REFOCUS….when it comes down to it; what really matters most to us is very simple and can usually be found and rediscovered by just taking 5 deep breaths.  

3) Get Outside!  

This works in three ways: get outside of yourself and do something extraordinarily kind for someone else, get outside of your house and into fresh air and sunshine (nature grounds us to  being more grateful) and get outside of your comfort zone. When we change routines and do something that stretches us and is different, we often learn new things and can see even more to be grateful for.

4) Contact and Connect!

Brene Brown has said we, as humans ‘crave connection’.  In this new technical age, it can take extra effort on our part to build the connections we seek, but it’s totally doable and so rewarding.  Start by making better eye contact with all those you encounter and try to really look past the surface and into their hearts and minds.  Remember that in so many ways, you are so alike.  Express love by smiling and showing genuine interest, really listening and seeing them for all the amazing potential that they are. And don’t forget to connect to something bigger than yourself; whatever you want to call it: universe, higher power, God. Shantel McBride, known as the Cheerful Chaplain here in the Salt Lake Valley says, “Get a Higher Power; it’s free!” and it’s a HIGHER POWER! Who wouldn’t want this? Acknowledging that and inviting and welcoming infinite abundance into your life is going to give you a LOT to be grateful for!  

5) Just Laugh and Enjoy the ride; bumps in the road and all!

Try not to let a day go by where you haven’t laughed out loud. Laughter is so good for the soul.  Laugh at yourself, laugh at funny cat videos; if you’re having a hard day, turn on a good episode of Studio C or Kid Snippets and just laugh. Enjoy the beautiful ride and journey that is your life and don’t forget to stop and notice all the beautiful sites along the way.

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