How to thrift shop effectively

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We were lucky enough to have Hailey Peterson from Hailey’s Thrift Hauls on our show today to discuss the most effective ways to thrift shop. 

Thrifting is an affordable and sustainable way to purchase clothing. More people are interested in thrifting and shopping secondhand now more than ever. If you’re new to thrifting, it can be discouraging or difficult. Here are some of Peterson’s tips for having a successful thrift trip and finding good pieces.

  1. Have a general idea or list in your mind of what kind of things you want to find.
  2. Check out multiple thrift stores. Different stores have different things, find the one that best suits your needs.
  3. Check a range of sizes. Sizing is so erratic, you might miss pieces in your size if you’re only looking in a small range. Try checking a range of sizes on the racks to find pieces perfect for you
  4. Look ahead of the season if possible. Start thrifting for fall/winter in the middle of summer and thrift for summer in fall/winter
  5. Bring a friend! It makes the time go by faster, gives you an extra set of eyes and gives you a second opinion.

For more of Peterson’s tips for thrift shopping, follow her IG and YouTube channel.

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