How to teach your children self-love

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It’s a tough world we live in nowadays, trying to keep up with the Jones’ on social media and in general. Samantha Castleton, a licensed clinical social worker with Primary Children’s, joined Good Things Utah with some ways to help children develop self-love. It starts with you.

  • Make it clear that your love is unconditional.
  • Avoid lectures and “I told you so.”
  • Validate how the child is feeling, and show empathy. Their perception is real to them. It is not your job to convince them otherwise, but it is your job to support them in finding new perspectives.
  • Value perseverance and effort over outcomes.
  • Be comforting without rescuing. Recognize and be mindful of your own anxieties or needs.
  • Allow for natural consequences. This helps them to develop resilience and capability.
  • Keep the conversation brief, and don’t feel you need to “fix it” or tackle it all at once.
  • Give them jobs to help them find evidence of their worth and to help build mastery of their skills.
  • Lead by example. Use affirming, assertive, and honest statements when you speak about yourself.

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