How to support those with a chronic illness

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Ganel-Lyn Condie joins us to talk about how to support the people we love that have chronic illness. ANd she would know! Ganel-Lyn herself has been dealing with Lupus for the past 24 years. She shared her own experience and story with us as well as some suggestions to help support the people in our lives suffering from a chronic illness. 

She says you need to know the difference between sympathy and empathy; and show empathy. she used a great analogy of what people might be going through. She says its a marathon not a sprint and you need to check in with them throughout the entire race.

You should be flexible in hanging our with them sometimes they can only do something for a little while other times maybe longer, but still try to include them.

For them this is the new normal and they still want to contribute what they can. If you are the one that is sick it’s important to remember quality vs. quantity connections. 

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