How to stop the bully in your own head

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Lifestyle mentors, Kim and Kirk Duncan, from 3 Key Elements, joined us to share the message of being kinder to yourself and stopping the bully in your own head. 

Typically we only think bullies are in the workplace or school… but Kirk and Kim explained that the ones in our own mind can often times be the most harmful.

They explained that it seems to be socially accepted and not many people are exposing this and doing something about it. When someone reaches their limits of being bullied, Kirk and Kim said, they start to do things that numb themselves or they take drastic action to make it go away.

Watch the clip to learn more in detail of how to combat the bully in your own head. 

Kirk and Kim are offering a “Master My Thoughts: Stop the Bullies!” course online. Visit for 9 step by step training videos and call (801) 987-3996 for more information. 

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