Life coach Abbi Winslow discussed indirect bullying, including what it is and how to stop it.  

Winslow explained that most bullying isn’t physical and that physical bullying only accounts for 4-6% percent of all bullying. Bullying often is indirect and subtle instead of the loud name-calling often seen in the movies, and this can make it harder to identify, prevent, and stop, Winslow said. Teasing is a common form of indirect bullying. 

The best way to combat indirect bullying includes using the questioning method. Using this method, you use the phrase “explain to me that joke about…” and work in a subtle and non-confrontational manner to resolve and call out the indirect bullying. Winslow explained that this works well because it forces the other person making hurtful comments to name and recognize the meanness.  

Winslow said that this can be especially hard for teen girls compared to teen boys because girls often feel like they need to be nice. Winslow said that it’s important for everyone to remember that they need to be kind to themself by calling out hurtful statements. She said that parents can get ahead of the game and role-play with their children by helping them earn the skillset needed to stand up for themselves in a way that is socially appropriate.  

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