Splitting the holidays between families is a daunting task, but Val Baldwin is here to save the day. With research based strategies, Baldwin offers several tips for getting through the holiday season smoothly. 

Baldwin’s first idea is to host both families in your own home if your home allows for the guest count, and if both families get along. 

The second is splitting the day in half, spending part of the day in one place and part in the other. Of course, this only works when relatives live close. 

The third option is rotating the holidays. One year the holidays are spent with one family, and the next year the holidays are spent with the other. 

Another option is to designate one holiday to each family. For example, Baldwin spoke of spending 4th of July with the side of the family that celebrates it most, and spending another holiday with the other side of the family. 

Having respectful communication is important when splitting the holidays, and spreading love is the key to this kindness. 

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