“Whatever is best for you is best for everyone else,” Surae said it best and motivational speaker Ganel-lyn Condie agreed. She joined us to share how implementing boundaries during the holiday season can foster a more meaningful and enjoyable time.

Ganel-lyn explained that saying no allows you to say yes to other things. This is something to keep in mind as calendars can tend to get extremely full during the holiday months. Be sure to leave yourself room for down time as well.

With the holidays can come pressure to be cheerful and happy, but Ganel-lyn said she’s found reports that state 25% of the population instead, feels depressed. If you have tendencies to feel this way during the holidays, give yourself some slack and go easy. This could come down to simple things like buying pre-made treats instead of stressing over homemade.

Slowing down can also help with that stress. There are some traditions your family can grow out of, and that’s okay! Ganel-lyn suggests at the beginning of December, sit down with your kids/family and ask them what activities or events they would miss if they didn’t happen. Then you can prioritize from there.

Also remember that also with the holidays can come a sense of loss. Sights, sounds and even smells can all trigger strong memories. So acknowlede your feelings and lean into them.

Finally, when it comes to gifts, take a hard look at what you really need, wear, will read… life is too short to put such energy into materialistic things when for most, time and memories are the most valuable gift you could ever give and receive.

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