How to protect your kids on the internet

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Steve Glick, CEO of ENUF Direct, shared 3 things that we need we need to be aware of to keep our kids safe online.

1. Social Media Predators

He explained that one in four teens are solicited by an online predator. The only way we can fight these statistics is by talking about this in the home and helping our kids keep their social platforms private and to only people they know.

A few things to remember about predators:

  • Predators want you alone
  • Predators want to find you sad
  • Predators want to know more than you should be telling them

2. Social Media Bullying

  • Become emotionally upset during or after using the internet or the phone
  • Being very secretive or protective of their digital Life
  • Withdraw from family members, friends, and activities
  • Avoid school or group gatherings 
  • Get worse grades
  • Act out in anger at home
  • Experience changes in mood, behavior, sleep, appetite, or weight
  • Want to stop using the computer or cell phone
  • Become nervous or jumpy when getting an instant message or email or avoids discussions about computer or cell phone activities

3. Common sense

This something that is taught in general but not specifically toward social media. All parents should teach kids to have common sense or follow their gut when it comes to social media.

Few tips:

  • Don’t put information or photos out on the Internet that make it easy to find you
  • Do take steps to prevent hackers from posting from your social media accounts
  • Don’t do things that’ll damage your personal brand
  • Do stand up against bullies

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