How to maintain passion in a committed long term relationship

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Your Whole Life Conference is a fun valentines date night event that includes three amazing speakers, dinner, fun activities, a swag bag, dessert and a bunch of other neat things.

They will be putting on a valentines event at Station Park in Farmington on February 8th. Emil Harker, a Licensed Marriage and Sex therapist, was in the studio to tell us a little bit about the event and give us a sneak peek.

Emil talked about constant passion in a committed long term relationship and how to maintain that despite the familiarity that can be cultivated in a long term relationship. He also talks about how consistency, and security may actually breeds  monotony and boredom.

Emil adds that true passion requires a touch of vulnerability which means deeper sharing and caring.

Below are a few suggestions Emil gives men and women on how to keep passion in their marriage. 

For  Men: Theme Romance

1. Write a love letter.

2. Plan a date.

  • The focus is on the planning stage.
  • Plan it, and ask her out several days before the actual date.
  • This allows her to feel important for days before the date, and the anticipation of the date boosts her mood and patience.

3. Tractor Beam communication

  • Spend 15 minutes talking with her as if she was the most interesting person on the planet.

4. Stealth affection.

  • There is a 180 degree difference in the experience a woman has with your intentions of touch.
  • Are you touching her for you or for her? Don’t lie to yourself.

5. Long kisses.

  • Long kisses when it can’t lead to something else can cause an inner stir and longing that can build over the next few hours.

Passion for women: Theme Sexy

1. Rejuvenate Modesty

  • If you have become comfortable changing in front of your spouse, turn away slightly and at least pretend to be coy.
  • There is a time to surrender but only when “it’s on.”

2. Let Go

  • When it’s time push the boundaries of your comfort zone.
  • You’ll be surprised about how it affects you, and he will be blown away.

3. Give yourself permission to think about it and then let him know you are thinking about it.

4. Take time to prepare.

  • The time you invest in preparing helps your mind and body transition get ready for action.

5. Make more noise, make more movement.

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