How to keep your emotional bank account thriving

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Is Your Relationship Overdrawn? Laura Heck, marriage and family therapist explains what that means, and how to avoid it. 

Have you ever gotten a notice from the bank that you have overdrawn your bank account?  It’s one of those four letter word moments that leaves you scrambling to make up the difference and fast. Now imagine that your relationship has a metaphorical emotional bank account and the name of the game is to keep your balance positive. Throughout your day, you are constantly making transactions with your partner, some deposits, some withdrawals. 

Laura’s goal is to teach couples how to avoid over drafting their emotional bank account and how to make deposits that have the biggest impact on boosting your account’s balance.  One trick many couples don’t realize is that it isn’t the size of your deposit that maintains a healthy balance, it’s the currency and frequency of your deposits that makes the biggest impact on your emotional bank account.  

Laura is a relationship exert, marriage and family therapist and co-host of Marriage Therapy Radio.  She will be co-hosting Utah Date Night on April 27th and sharing her most strategic tips for making deposits in the emotional bank account that is sure to keep your relationship rich for a lifetime.  Join Laura and her team of Utah’s top relationship experts for the perfect date night! You’ll have tons of fun, learn to improve your communication, create more passion, feel more connected, and meet awesome new people. Tickets are $25.00 per person and are available at

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