SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH)- This Therapy Thursday, we had Cassidy DuHadway, from Purple Sky Counseling, talk about needs and wants. Cassidy said that we have many concrete needs and wants, such as food, shelter, and water, but we also have many less concrete needs and wants such as attachment, love, belonging, and emotional safety. It’s crucial to make sure we’re putting more effort into our needs versus our wants because when we do, our nervous system regulates, our mental health stabilizes, our physical health stabilizes, and we can move into a stronger sense of self, and well being and spread that mindset to those around us. Needs and wants can change quickly, so learn how to check in with yourself.

Cassidy also gave us tips for not letting our beliefs get in the way of meeting our needs. Ask yourself, what am I seeking in this situation? Speak the needs and wants to yourself and within your relationship. Learn how to speak your needs. Cassidy gave us some great advice as we head into the holiday season like stopping and asking yourself what do I need to have fun and celebrate Thanksgiving the way I want to? Write these things down. Choose what feels right for you and experiment. Strategical practices include self-reflection, journaling, awareness, experiment, therapy, and speaking them out loud and with others.

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