How to find your skin undertone

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NYX professional makeup holds the FACE awards, (Freedom & Artistry for Creative Expression) a competition that takes thousands of makeup artists from the U.S. and Canada to just six. Ioana Goodwin was one of these finalists.

She explained that knowing your undertone helps you determine the base color you need for your foundation. There are three categories for undertones: cool, warm, and neutral. She showed us four ways to help you find your skin undertone.

  1. Veins test
  2. Jewelry test
  3. Clothes color test
  4. Tan or burn test

You should pick a shade that matches your skin tone from both the warm and cool undertones then the one that disappears into your skin is the match. The best place to test this in on your jaw and just blend it down your neck. Undertones don’t change.

Cool tones:

  • On the lips- reds with blue undertones, cool pinks, mauve and burgundy.
  • On the eyes- silver, gray, white, pink and jewel tones (such as sapphire and emerald).
  • On the cheeks- cool pinks and rosy blushes.

Warm tones:

  • On the lips- orange-based reds and apricot, peachy shades.
  • On the eyes- earthy tones (brown, olive, orange, yellow, bronze, and copper).

Neutral tones:

  • All the above! You can experiment with color.

To see more of Ioana’s makeup, find her on Instagram: @ioana114 .

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