Divorce can make the holidays hard on everyone. But Elif Ekin from the Divorcee Cafe joined Good Things Utah with some tips to make them enjoyable again.

Here are some tips:

1. Be Flexible: Holidays are about family not a specific date. Just because you can’t celebrate with your kids on the actual date does not lesson the meaning of the holiday.

2. Create new traditions: With a divorce, old traditions may need to be replaced with new ones. Create new rituals or celebrations that are your own and not reminiscent of your old life. Create new memories.

3. Give of yourself: Helping others helps you. By stepping out of your own pain to help others, you lift both your spirits.

4. Take time for yourself: You will have time to yourself while your kids are with your Ex. Put yourself first and practice self care. be with friends, find your balance. Fill your cup so when your kids come back, you can enjoy your new life and new holiday celebrations.

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