How to create a vision board for 2018

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It’s a New Year now, and people are looking ahead, hoping and working for their new goals and
resolutions. People may worry that they just won’t quite reach those goals – because that’s what they’ve experienced in the past. If you add visualization, you can keep your goals in sight and in mind. This will also power up your mind to notice, step by step, the ideas and opportunities that will present themselves so you can accomplish your goal. Krik Duncan from 3 Key Elements shows how easy it is to create your own.

How to build your Vision Board:

  1. Create a focus point by framing a space on your wall – (examples: cork board, poster board, construction tape, or phone).
  2. Find an image that represents your goal.
  3. Write a short description to attach to the image.
  4. Post the picture and description of your goal in the framed area on your wall.
  5. Each morning and evening, look at the goal on your Vision Board for 3 minutes, and imagine what it would be like to have or experience it.

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