How to be a rock star mom AND entrepreneur

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Quinn Curtis wants you to be able to rock every aspect of your life. Today she’s sharing three practical tips for being a rock star mom AND entrepreneur. 

  1. Find Your Flow – requires healthy boundaries and taking care of our energy (the entrepreneur and mother’s most important job), the biggest reasons we sacrifice our time/energy boundaries is lack of belief in our value (and the value we’re creating at home/work) and fear/anxiety. 
  2. Lean Into Your Joy Zone – What lights you up? What comes easily to you? Joy zone = genius zone. Easy for us to disregard our genius zones and instead focus on our weaknesses. Genius zones feel like play (not work). More time we spend in our joy/genius zones, it makes us better at our work AND a better mom; makes our work and home life more energizing, rather than draining; requires us to bring in systems and support, as well as letting go of non-essentials 
  3. Be Present – whether at work or at home with your kids, recognize the value of and refueling found in the “mundane,” being present is like strengthening a muscle; best ways to find presence right away: clear your thoughts (turn off the narrator), gratitude, conscious breathing; we rarely recognize that it’s our lack of presence that actually is draining us and leaving us feeling unfulfilled and disconnected; presence is our greatest gift – those around us feel loved and valued when we’re present (keeps their cups full too)

Quinn Curtis is a Soul Brand Strategist for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place with their products and services. She gets a kick out of turning business dreams into gold through magnetic branding, while also coaching rock stars on how to take their businesses to the next level in an “in flow + on fire” way. Quinn is also the creator and host of the Joyful Living Podcast, a place to get inspired and learn real-world skills to create and live a life you love. She and her sweetheart are raising their 5 lovely children (ages 12 and under) here in the Salt Lake Valley.

Visit and on Instagram @quinnscurtis

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