How spending ten minutes with your kids strengthens your bond

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Alisa Van Langeveld, PhD, parent educator and founder of “10 Minutes Together” stopped by the Good Things studio to talk about the “10 minutes together” parenting strategy. 

As a mom to 4 little girls, Alisa knows what it’s like to being pulled in many directions making time for everything. 

According to Alisa, “10 Minutes Together” is a parenting strategy of spending 10 minutes of focused interaction time, one-on-one, each day. She says, one-on-one connection time with our children is a powerful parenting strategy that will reduce mom guilt and overwhelm and will benefit your child and your entire family.

“Modern parenting is relentless,” says Alisa. “Mothers are overwhelmed, distracted, exhausted, and guilt-ridden. Parenting information can be daunting.”

Moms need a practical, positive parenting strategy. Alisa suggests you focus on meaningful connections in a way that is doable in real life. 

According to Alisa, spending “10 Minutes Together is long enough to make the connection meaningful and short enough to get it done, consistently.”

Here are Alisa’s 7 stpes to get the most out of your 10 minute time and get it done:
1-Set the environment
2-Clear Start (time it on your phone)
3-Connect (verbally and nonverbally)
5-Clear End
6-Connect (verbally and nonverbally)
7–Be Consistent

Be sure to watch the video for more tips from Alisa or connect with her on Instagram (@10MinutesTogether) or Facebook (“10 Minutes Together Community”). 

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