How self-care helps your relationship

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If you’re the type that puts the needs of others before your own, your relationship may be in jeopardy. Dr. Julie Hanks explains that if you don’t care for yourself, you will end up depleted, grumpy, exhausted and your significant other will bear the brunt of your burnout.

Here are some ways she suggests to take care of you so have more to give to your relationship.

  1. Eat, sleep, and drink water
    • Sleep 7-9 hours each night, eat nutritious food, and drink 8 eight oz glasses of water.
    • If you prioritize your physical well-being you’ll have more energy to give to others, including your primary relationship. 
  2. Feel your feelings
    • If you acknowledge, feel, and respond to your own feelings you’ll be less likely to blame your partner for negative emotions, and less likely to escalate when there’s conflict.
  3. Connect with friends
    • Friends can fill a part of your emotional bucket in a unique way.
    • Time with friends means you’ll be less likely to look to your partner to fulfill all of your needs (which he or she can’t possibly do). 
  4. Schedule down time
    • Make an appointment with yourself for downtime and keep it. Or try a mindfulness practice. This will help decrease stress, de-clutter your mind, and increase your ability to be present in your relationship.
  5. Make time to play and laugh
    • Reintroduce into your life something you loved doing as a child to fuel your playful side.
    • It can be as simple as playing jacks or swinging on a swing set.
    • Playing and laughing will give you more joy to share with your significant other.

For more advice and inspiration find Dr. Julie Hanks on Instagram and Facebook: @DrJulieHanks .

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